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Mobile Dental Van Project

With an average of 21,000 beneficiaries annually, the Mobile Dental Van Project has been operating 5 times a week all over Cebu with 2 vans complete with equipment and 4 van dentists in partnership with Cebu Dental Chapter.

DREAM Project for Children with Special Needs

Promoting the importance of early intervention and sustainable therapy services to children developmental disorders in Cebu by fascilitating access to quality therapy services.

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2016-07-11 20:49:37

Seeing us standing on our own feet and taking our first steps are some of the happiest moments our parents witness when we were kids. Those first steps are important milestones of child development.

Mark Apollo, age 10, a charming boy with a radiant smile wears a neat school uniform. Meanwhile, Devon Marie, age 5, is a mama’s girl with downcast eyes. Yet, when she looks up, she views curiously. Both share the common struggle to learn how to walk, and be accepted by the community they are part of.

Mark Apollo was born premature, while Devon Marie had an umbilical cord wrapped around her neck. Both children were diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy (CP), a disorder caused by injury to the immature brain, which affects movement, and the ability to perform specific skills. Even playing is difficult.

Devon Marie, is incapable of crawling and cooing. She depends solely on family members who carry her around. They can only guess at her needs since she cannot utter words. Her silence is heartbreaking. Mark Apollo uses his lower back to slide from one place to another, “Lisod . . . sakit kaayo’ (It is hard . . . too painful). His words sum up his pain. Playing actively with other children is impossible for Devon Marie and Mark Apollo. They can only watch from a corner and hope one day they can do the same.

The lives of these children and their families are not easy. It is hard for family member to see their difficulties. All are praying for respite.

Juanito I. King Foundation Inc., through the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office of Barili (MSWD – Barili), came in to the picture and brought hope through DREAM Project which provides accessible and sustainable therapy for children with developmental disorder. Mark Apollo and Devon Marie immediately availed of free Physical Therapy (PT) sessions. Now, they have been in the program for three (3) and two (2) years respectively. JIKFI believes in them. With their family’s support, they surpassed their old selves. They can now stand and walk. The effort and the spirit they gave to be able to do these things are immeasurable and inspiring.

‘Makalakaw-lakaw nana siya sugod January 9, 2016. Pwerti gali namong lipaya kay naka lakaw na gyud . . .’

‘She can now walk since January 9, 2016. We are so happy that she can finally walk . . . ‘- says Ms. Wilma, Devon Marie’s mother.

‘Dako gyud ang natabang sa therapy, kay karon siya na lang ang mo gabay gamit ana (pointing to the Apollo’s Walker), kay sauna amoa gyud na siyang kugoson ug agakon, kung wala guro ang mga therapy di gyud ni ma tarong iyang paglakaw.’

‘The (physical) therapy greatly helped us because he can now stand and walk with the help of the device (pointing to Apollo’s walker), unlike before when we used to carry him. We are very happy. Without the therapy, his walking and standing condition will not improve.’ - says Marc Apollo’s Aunt

Mark Apollo and Devon Marie are studying now. Mark is in grade four and Devon Marie is enrolled in a SPED class. Like other pupils, they take their classes seriously. Mark, a fan of watching “Probinsiyano”, a local TV Series, dreams of becoming a Policeman.

These children are exceptional for they keep on dreaming. These dreams are their standing ground. Juanito I. King Foundation, Inc., together with the DSWD - Barili, is more than willing to assist them achieve their dreams. After all, their achievement is our happiness.

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Ray of Hope

2016-04-07 22:35:24

Oblivious to the passing traffic and sweltering sun, the hunched old woman had eyes only on the bundle in her arms. Wrapped in nothing but swaddling clothes, she hugged the baby for the last time and with a painful sigh handed over the 16-day old bundle to the kind nuns of Asilo dela Milagrosa. The baby was named Jane (real name withheld).

Born to a mentally challenged mother and an unknown father, the aging great grandmother believed that Jane’s chances of survival would be with the orphanage. As Jane was growing up, her delayed development becomes noticeable. At three (3) years old, she still cannot utter a word, do eye contact nor react to a play stimulus. Alarmed, the nuns decided to have her checked with a neurodevelopmental pediatrician wherein she was diagnosed with Global Developmental Delay (GDD), a condition that defines a child as having a lower intellectual functioning than what is perceived as normal. It includes developmental delay in speech, vision, movement, social and emotional skills as well as cognitive skills. Jane manifested all and Occupational Therapy (OT) was recommended. Having no family to her name, the nuns prayed for a miracle.

The DREAM Project of the Juanito I. King Foundation Inc. (JIKFI) was the answer to their prayers. Thus, Jane’s rehabilitation program begins and with it comes the hope for a chance to be adopted.

Short live are the nun’s relief because three (3) years after, Jane’s one-month old brother was turned over to Asilo by a very sick great-grandmother. He was named Jose (real name withheld). A few days into the nun’s care, they realize that he cannot move his muscles and urgently brought him to the doctor, where he was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy (CP). A neurological disorder caused by a non-progressive brain injury or malformation that occurs while the child’s brain is under development affecting body movement and loss or impairment of motor function including oral functioning. Once again JIKFI’s DREAM Project opened its doors. Believing in early intervention, the DREAM Project wasted no time in helping baby Jose receive the therapy he needs.

Three years has passed, 6-year old Jane is definitely growing up to be promising. Where the once indifferent girl, now responds to play, identify object and looks at you for a fleeting moment to say thank you and good-bye. Jose, the boy who was believed to be hopeless is now taking baby steps by himself, smiles when he’s happy and cries when he’s scared. Mostly he just hugs.

What was once a bleak chance for the siblings to be adopted now looks hopeful as progress is manifested in each child.

“The early intervention given to these children has greatly helped in their improvement. Every step and smile Jose takes is a miracle and for every word uttered by Jane for the last year is a prayer answered. If it had not been for the DREAM Program of JIKFI, the chances for these children survival is dim, much more being adopted” said Aileen Aringa, social worker for Asilo.

Jane and Jose are just a few of the faces of JIKFI’s DREAM Project but they represent hope and chance of every special child served. They may have been surrendered once in their life, but there are those who still believe like the nuns in Asilo and the people behind JIKFI’s DREAM Project will not allow them to be abandoned twice.

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National Dental Health Month Celebration

2016-03-17 23:02:48

The unfavourable weather did not stop Juanito I. King Foundation, Inc. (JIKFI) from reaching the mountain barangay school Tabunan Integrated School, Tabunan to celebrate the National Dental Health Month with the theme “Kalinisan ng Ngipin Laging Panatilihin; Ugaliing Kumain ng Wastong Pagkain”.

The foundation together with Dr. Melissa Paradela, dentist-in-charge, Dept. of Education – Cebu City Division and Annabel Russiana of GMA Kapuso Foundation – Cebu joined the Sipilyo Campaign in the school. More than 300 students were gathered during the event and were given dental education, fluoride treatment and tooth-brushing drills demonstrated by JIKFI’s in-house dentists Dr. Katrina Carlos and Dr. Blinky Mae Mamalias as part of the campaign.

Held last February 18, 2016, the activity served as the commencement of the JIKFI’s one (1) school-year implementation of an oral health program in the school dubbed as Project Healthy Smile.

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100 kids benefit from free clinic

2016-03-17 22:45:23

Mang Nardo, 76, together with his wife and two grandchildren, traveled from the mountain village of Nasipit to town proper to avail themselves of the medical mission organized by Juanito I. King Foundation , Inc. (JIKFI) last October 24.

“Bisan og mahal ang pamasahe padulong diri sa syudad, amo gipaningkamutan na makasalmot arun mapatan-aw namo amo duha ka apo sa doctor og mahataga’g libreng tambal, hilabi na kay panagsa ra ni’ng higayona. (Even if the fare going to town proper is a bit expensive, we tried our best to come to have our grandchildren examined by doctors and to get free medicines, especially that such an activity does not happen all the time.)” he said.

Close to one-hundred (100) children with special needs and their siblings were given medical services in line with the Children’s Month and JIKFI’s 24th Founder’s Day celebration. Most of the recipients are the beneficiaries of the foundation’s “DREAM for Children with Special Needs Project”. Those who availed of the free clinic went home with complimentary medicines, multivitamins and antibiotics.

The event was made successful with the help of three pediatricians from the Cebu Provincial Health Office alongside the pharmacists from the University of San Carlos – Community Extension Services, volunteers from the Municipality of Barili and JIKFI Social Works Scholars.

The municipality of Barili has maintained a Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) clinic for the DREAM Project beneficiaries and has been a reliable partner for ten years. The DREAM project aims to serve children with disabilities through subsidized physical and occupational therapy services.

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Project Healthy Smile at Tabunan Integrated School

2015-09-06 20:19:40

Learn more about our Dental Program Partner "Project Healthy Smile" and our on-going project at Tabunan Integrated School in Cebu City by visiting their website @ http://projecthealthysmile.org/tubanan-integrated-school-august-2015/

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