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SAP is the venue where all employees of Nito's Auto Supply, Kings Quality Foods, Skygo and King Properties experienced volunteerism first hand and immerse themselves in the depressed conditions of the less fortunate communities.

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Bloodletting collects 63 bags of blood

2016-08-02 20:13:20

A total of 63 bags of blood were collected from the different blood donors during the bloodletting program spearheaded by the Juanito I. King Foundation Inc. (JIKFI), in partnership with the Philippine Red Cross – Cebu Chapter last July 15 at Nito’s Auto Supply training room in Cebu City.

The donated blood would give hope to almost 200 people. In every bag of blood, three lives are saved.

Blood donors were composed of students from the Center for Industrial Technology and Enterprise (CITE) and employees of the Kings Group of Companies, namely Skygo Marketing Corp., Cebu Subzero Logistics Inc., Juanito King and Sons Inc. and Nito’s Auto Supply Inc.

Blood donation is beneficial for the donor as it reduces the risk of heart and liver ailments caused by iron overload in the body.
Donating blood does not just save other peoples’ lives but it also keep the donors’ well-being healthy.

In the photo are the students of Center for Industrial Technology and Enterprise voluntarily donate blood.

(First published in Cebu Daily News last August 2, 2016 - http://cebudailynews.inquirer.net/99964/bloodletting-collects-63-bags-of-blood)

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King Foundation Joins Outreach

2016-08-02 02:22:00

ALTRUISM was once again exhibited by the Juanito I. King Foundation Inc. (JIKFI) and Kings Quality Food Inc. (KQFI) a s it opened its doors for the ABS-CBN’s Grand Halad sa Kapamilya last July 2.

A total of 500 lunch packs were shared to the event’s volunteers.

JIKFI also offered its mobile dental van to serve clients in need of oral prophylaxis, tooth restoration and tooth extraction.

This is the second year of partnership between JIKFI, KQFI and ABS-CBN.

Being awarded as the best CSR (corporate social responsibility) institution by the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry last June 30, JIKFI remains true to its mission of giving back to the community.

In the photo is Dr. Rogelio Pajamonte, JIKFI’s new dentist, attends to a patient during the Grand Halad sa Kapamilya.

(First published in Cebu Daily News last July 19, 2016 - http://cebudailynews.inquirer.net/98314/king-foundation-joins-outreach.)

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Sharing with the Inmates

2016-04-19 00:50:54

“ In the corporal works of mercy we touch the flesh of Christ in our brothers and sisters who need to be fed, clothed, sheltered, visited in jail; in the spiritual works of mercy – counsel, instruction, forgiveness, admonishment and prayer – we touch more directly our own sinfulness. The corporal and spiritual works of mercy must never be separated” said his Holiness Pope Francis on his Lenten message.

The year 2016 is dubbed as the Year of Mercy and to this; the King Group of Companies adheres its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to the call of the seven (7) corporal works of mercy starting with a meal sharing at Mandaue City Jail by Kings Quality Foods Inc. last Friday, April 15, 2016.

In partnership with the Juanito I. King Foundation Inc. (JIKFI), the activity kicked off with a Holy Mass followed by the meal sharing of ham and sausages from the Kings Quality Food Inc. (KQFI). To more than 500 inmates, the visit itself of the volunteers from JIKFI and KQFI means a lot because for most of them it shows that they are still remembered and cared for even by strangers. To some, the company of the outside world is a hopeful respite and the holy mass that paved way for the day’s activities gave them the opportunity to once again hear God’s word.

The meal sharing is more than just a shared meal of ham and sausages; it reminds them of their homes, breakfast with their children and an inspiration to reform to be with their families again.

The cooperation of J/CINSP Gil V. Onopia Jr., Warden of Mandaue City Jail and his team made the activity of Kings Quality Foods Inc. headed by HR Manager, Isabel Lerio and Juanito I. King Foundation Inc. a success and an inspiration for the rest of JIKFI’s outreach programs.

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JIKFI Plants 2.5T Trees

2016-03-17 22:52:10

Care for the environment and protect each other from the effects of climate change. This was the challenged posed by the Holy Father to the Filipinos with his recent visit in the Philippines. He stressed that caring for Mother Nature is tantamount to caring for fellow human beings.

In response to Pope Francis’ fervent call for environmental justice, the Juanito I. King Foundation, Inc. (JIKFI) has again partnered with the Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP) together with its one-hundred fold-strong volunteers in planting 2,500 indigenous tree seedlings in Tagbao, Cebu City last Sept. 26.

Through PBSP’s Reforestation Project in the Central Cebu Protected Landscape, JIKFI adopted another one-hectare forest land for rehabilitation where forest and fruit-bearing trees were planted. Through a scientific monitoring, 80 percent survival rate of the planted seedlings is ensured.

Each year, the number of volunteers who participates in this noble cause has continued to grow. By the help of the employee-volunteers from the King Group of Companies, 6R Group of Companies, Athecor Land, J Nitton Dev’t Corporation and RFK Holdings, Inc., the activity successfully pursued. Sponsored by these companies including BPI Family Savings Bank, the volunteers were taught on the proper handling and planting of trees which they could apply in their own backyard.

“Each of us should be responsible in taking care of the environment, conserving it and do our share in paying Mother Nature back, for all the great things she has given us amidst the prevalence of Climate Change. We are doing this not just for us but for the future generation as well.” Kenneth King, JIKFI Executive Director advocated.

The Tree-planting activity has been a JIKFI’s advocacy to promote sustainable environment and preserve the nature in partnership with PBSP.

Since 2002, JIKFI has planted nearly 60,000 trees in some of the forests in Cebu City. /PRRoca

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Christmas-in-a-Box Project

2015-04-15 00:37:27

A total of 400 gift-boxes were given to the students of Tabunan Integrated School, Tabunan as JIKFI celebrated Christmas in one of its beneficiary schools of the Computerization Project. The presents included school supplies, slippers, raincoats and toys; a number of ‘Bobs’ shoes were also given to the students.

The Christmas-in-a-box presents were also distributed to the foundation’s DREAM Project for Children with Special Needs beneficiaries in Barili and Buildabilites, Inc. which included toys and educational materials. All of which was in our desire to make the children know and feel the essence of Christmas which is giving.

The gifts were collected from our generous partners, JIKFI scholars, individuals, and the King Group of Companies including Juanito King & Sons, Inc., Nito’s International Ventures, Inc., Nito’s Auto Supply, Inc., Cebu Subzero Logistics Inc., King’s Quality Foods, Inc.; also, RDAK Transport & Equipment, Inc. and Skygo Marketing Corporation, respectively.

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